2nd Mixer pcb assembly   - second batch.....
  mixer components
mixer bottom
mixer top

mixer circuit

C60   1nF 0805               
C67   1nF 0805                    
IC60   TS78L05ACY
C61   4.7uF tant
C68   4.7 uF tant
IC61   MSA-0686
C62   1nF 0805

C63   1nF 0805                                    
D60   LLSD103A-07 or MBR0520LT1
C64   1nF 0805
R60   47R 0805

C65   10nF 0805
R61   47R 0805
L60   10uH 1206
C66   1nF 0805

L61   Toko 252HXPX-2733F

Build notes

The dot marking on the top of IC61 must be next to C64.

Diode D60 may be one of two types, as shown opposite. The top one is an MBR0520LT1 and the bottom one is an

The marking on the MBR0520LT1 is not that clear, and you need the light shining on it at just the right angle to see the
thin white bar on the left hand side, which is the '+' end, as it is fitted to the pcb. On the board, the '+' symble appears
as part of the track etch , and is covered by solder resist.

The green band on the LLD103A-07 is much easier to see, and again corresponds to the '+' marked pcb pad.
diode markings


Alignment is undertaken after fitting to the converter hosing. However, a couple of preliminary dc tests can be made prior to this. To do so, apply 12v to the board and check the following:

The 5v rail (junction of IC60/C68 is 5v +-0.1v.

The output pin of IC61 (junction with C65/R61) is 3.5v +-0.2v.