3456MHz multiplier


This module uses the RF amplifier sections from two modified Grundig AUN 12S LNB assemblies. The first runs as a x3 multiplier using an overdriven amplifier at 3456 MHz, and feeds a two section waveguide filter tuned to 10 368 MHz. The second LNB unit follows the filter, and only uses one stage of amplification  providing about 10 dB of gain, resulting in an output of about 15 dBm.

Block diagram


Multiplier pcb


   Unmodified LNB
 (Grundig AUN 14S)


                     Unmodified board

Surplus components removed and bias to 1st stage re-routed

Amplifier pcb

As above, but only the 2nd stage amplifier used.

Band-pass filter

Measurement of this this W1VT filter is shown here